Joe Casabona - Done for You Podcasts and Courses

Hi! I’m Joe Casabona.

“Don’t let Joe Casabona’s Master’s Degree in Computer Science intimidate you; he is a passionate and approachable guy.”

Someone said this about me. It’s very nice. It's also something I strive for!

Teaching by Doing

I started my career almost 20 years ago as a freelance web developer and has been a team lead, system admin, and was even a faculty member at my alma mater.

Podcasting has been the perfect medium for me to share my knowledge and build up my peers. I’m not only a veteran podcaster but I helps people launch their own podcasts.

I'm married to this wonderful lady.
My daughter and me wearing our Yankee stuff!
Me with my son, laying on the floor
I have 3 brothers

Educator & Family Man

When I’m not creating courses for LinkedIn Learning, or writing books, you can find me spending time with my  family, enjoying baseball (go Yankees!), or talking too much about Star Wars. I also really like cigars.

I enjoy smoking cigars
Me at the Millennium Falcon!

As for what I do professionally, here's the gist: I create online courses at Creator Courses and for LinkedIn Learning, host a podcast called How I Built It, and have been making websites for 20 years.

Fun Fact: If I couldn’t use computers for my job, I’d probably be an animator.

About the Blog

I guess the official start of this thing was in 2002, when I had some space on Geocities and was just starting out in the web dev world. I was in high school, so really it was more like a LiveJournal, filled with teen angst. I mean, you know how high school is. Or maybe you don’t. It’s cool.

Since then it’s evolved from a fake LJ to a place of substance. I usually talk tech, freelancing, and whatever else piques my interest. I’m always up for a discussion, so feel free to add in your two cents anytime you want.


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